The Alta Major Chakra Mysteries Revealed

The Alta Major chakra, often referred to as the “Mouth of God” or “Mouth of the Goddess,” is a fascinating yet less-known energy center located at the base of the skull. This minor chakra plays a pivotal role in connecting us to higher levels of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

Historically, the Alta Major chakra has been revered in various cultures, notably in ancient Egyptian initiations(1), symbolizing a galactic doorway to higher forces and spiritual enlightenment

Alta Major Chakra

The Alta Major chakra is not just a spiritual concept but also has a significant impact on the physical body, particularly the nervous system. It is believed to store past life information and govern the flow of energies that are crucial for our spiritual and emotional well-being.

Mouth of God Chakra
Mouth of God Chakra

In my own experience, this chakra is instrumental in accelerating consciousness expansion, offering a unique perspective that bridges the physical and the higher self​.

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Mouth of God Chakra

Spiritually, the Alta Major chakra serves as a portal for divine inspiration and intuition.
It is considered the point where Shakti, or the divine feminine energy, ignites and travels down the spine, resonating like a tuning rod through the brain, neck, and body.

This chakra is instrumental in awakening higher aspects of the self and facilitating the entry of light into the physical body. When properly aligned, the Alta Major chakra can enhance spiritual growth, clarity, and connection to one’s ultimate purpose in life.​

Ancient Practices and Modern Applications

In ancient times, especially in Egyptian culture, the Alta Major chakra was of paramount importance in spiritual initiations. High priests would use specific techniques, including the alignment of this chakra, to facilitate the flow of energy and consciousness throughout the initiate’s body.

significance of the Alta Major Chakra in ancient Egyptian culture
The significance of the Alta Major Chakra in ancient Egyptian culture

Modern practices also recognize the importance of the Alta Major chakra in spiritual development. Techniques such as meditation, Reiki, and yoga often focus on awakening and aligning this chakra to enhance spiritual connectivity and personal transformation​​​

How to Clear the Alta Major Chakra

The Alta Major chakra, while subtle, can have a profound impact on our daily lives when consciously integrated and activated. Here are ways to incorporate awareness and nurturing of this chakra into everyday practices:

MeditationFocusing on the base of the skull during meditation can help stimulate the Alta Major chakra.Enhances intuition and connects with higher consciousness.
Mindfulness PracticesBeing aware of the sensations at the back of the head in day-to-day activities.Increases present moment awareness and spiritual connection.
YogaCertain yoga postures specifically target the base of the skull, activating the Alta Major.Improves physical alignment and spiritual balance.
  1. Impact on Intuition and Decision-Making
    • The Alta Major chakra is closely linked to our intuitive powers.
      When aligned, it can sharpen our inner guidance and improve decision-making processes.
    • Regular meditation and mindfulness can cultivate a stronger connection with this chakra, leading to enhanced intuition.
  2. Yoga and Holistic Therapies
    • Integrating the awareness of the Alta Major chakra in yoga practices can deepen the spiritual experience and improve the flow of energy.
    • Holistic therapies like Reiki and energy healing often focus on balancing this chakra to promote overall well-being.

Embracing Personal Transformation

The Alta Major chakra, though less known than the primary chakras, holds immense potential for personal and spiritual growth. By understanding and integrating this chakra into our daily practices, we open ourselves to a deeper level of consciousness and a more profound connection with the universe.

spiritual growth
spiritual growth

Embracing the Alta Major chakra is not just about spiritual awakening; it’s about aligning our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves to live a more harmonious and purposeful life.

Understanding of the Chakras

The Alta Major chakra does not operate in isolation; it has a profound connection with other chakras and energy centers in the body. Understanding these connections can enhance our overall spiritual and energetic balance:

Connected ChakraRole and Interaction with Alta Major
Pineal Gland (Third Eye)(2)Works in tandem with the Alta Major to enhance intuition and spiritual vision.
Throat ChakraFacilitates the expression of insights and visions received through the Alta Major.
Heart ChakraBalances the flow of energy between the head and heart, integrating emotional and spiritual intelligence.

How to Activate the Alta Major

Activating and maintaining the balance of the Alta Major can be achieved through various techniques.
Here’s a list of effective practices:

  1. Targeted Meditation Techniques
    • Visualization: Visualize a light or energy at the base of the skull.
    • Sound Healing: Use specific frequencies or mantras that resonate with the Alta Major.
  2. Yoga and Breathwork
    • Incorporate yoga postures that focus on neck alignment and flexibility.
    • Practice breathwork techniques that emphasize the flow of energy to the head and neck region.
  3. Energy Healing and Reiki
    • Seek energy healing sessions that specifically target the chakra.
    • Use Reiki symbols and techniques to harmonize and activate this energy center.
Chakras importance in spiritual practices

The Alta Major in Spiritual Traditions

Different spiritual traditions have recognized the importance of the Alta Major chakra, each with its unique understanding and practices:

TraditionPerception of Alta Major
Ancient Egyptian SpiritualitySeen as a portal to higher consciousness in initiation rituals.
Hinduism and BuddhismOften linked with spiritual awakening and the release of Kundalini energy.
Modern SpiritualityViewed as a critical component in the process of ascension and enlightenment.

Chakra for Personal Growth

The Alta Major chakra, while subtle, is a powerful tool for personal and spiritual growth.
Here’s how to effectively harness its energy:

  1. Regular Practice and Awareness
    • Incorporate Alta Major-focused practices into daily routines.
    • Cultivate continuous awareness of this chakra’s energy and sensations.
  2. Seeking Guidance and Training
    • Consider guidance from spiritual teachers or energy healers who specialize in chakra work.
    • Attend workshops or courses that delve deeper into the understanding and activation of the chakra.
  3. Integrating with Lifestyle Changes
    • Align lifestyle choices with the energy of the Alta Major.
    • Include activities that promote spiritual awareness and intuition.


In summary, the Alta Major chakra is a profound and influential energy center that plays a critical role in our spiritual journey. Its activation and alignment are key to accessing higher consciousness, enhancing intuition, and achieving personal transformation.

Key AspectsSummary
Location and FunctionLocated at the base of the skull, serving as a gateway to divine guidance and intuition.
Physical and Spiritual ImpactAffects the nervous system and facilitates spiritual growth and consciousness expansion.
Ancient and Modern PracticesIntegral in ancient spiritual initiations and modern holistic therapies.
Daily IntegrationCan be nurtured through meditation, yoga, and mindfulness for enhanced well-being and spiritual connection.
Connection with Other ChakrasInteracts with the third eye, throat, and heart chakras for holistic energy balance.
Techniques for ActivationMeditation, yoga, breathwork, and energy healing can effectively activate and balance the Alta Major.
Cultural SignificanceRecognized across various spiritual traditions as a crucial element in spiritual development.
energy of the Alta Major
the energy of the Alta Major

Recognized across various spiritual traditions as a crucial element in spiritual development.
The Alta Major chakra, with its unique position and influence, invites us on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. By understanding and nurturing this chakra, we open ourselves to a world of heightened intuition, spiritual clarity, and a deeper connection with the universe.


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