Angelic Reiki Healing (Power of Angels)

Angelic Reiki Healing is a powerful yet gentle healing system that allows very high vibrational energies, Intelligent ‘Beings of Light’ to work upon your body to help release physical, ancestral, emotional, and karmic imbalances across all times and incarnations.

Angelic Reiki Healing
Angelic Reiki Healing

Unlike Usui Reiki, where the attunements are carried out by the teacher, human-to-human, within the Angelic Reiki healing system, the attunements are done by the Angelic Kingdom of Light and given to each individual by their healing Angel.

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Angelic Reiki Healing?

Angelic Reiki is a form of energy therapy that seeks to restore order to the body, re-energizing and re-balancing it in the process.
It works at a Soul level, with the highest energies, love, and wisdom of the Angels, treating the root cause of any condition, bringing about healing and balance on all levels promoting very deep healing.

Angelic Reiki was channeled by Kevin Core, through Archangel Metatron, between October 2002 and February 2003 in Yorkshire, England.

Angelic Reiki is used to stimulate your body’s natural balance and back to homeostasis.
It stimulates your body’s chakras and re-establishes a harmonious flow of energy.
It releases emotional blocks, relieves stress, tension, and anxiety, and provides pain relief and healing on different levels.

It helps healing of past trauma and abuse, improves the body’s circulation, and helps cleanse toxins and impurities of the body. It gives you clarity, alertness, and heightened perception/healthier perspective.
It provides deep relaxation and a sense of inner peace, helps to improve sleep, and helps you to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, re-energized, and re-empowered.

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Angelic Reiki Healing

In this form of Reiki, the recipient is lovingly supported to let go of physical, emotional, and karmic imbalances, as well as ancestral issues throughout time and space.

This is done while working with Angels and Archangels, who have no restriction of time or space and can therefore reach deeply into all areas that need healing.

The healer (or facilitator) just holds the space and does not interfere with the process.
The healer is the bridge, a pure channel, between the recipient and the angel.

Angelic Reiki vs Shamballa Reiki

Angelic Reiki vs Shamballa Reiki
Angelic Reiki vs Shamballa Reiki

Shamballa Reiki

Shamballa Reiki, like Angelic, is a form of energy healing.
However, while Angelic draws its energy from the Angelic Kingdom, Shamballa Reiki draws its energy from the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation.

Both forms of Reiki are powerful healing modalities, but they differ in their source of energy and the way the healing energy is channeled.

During a session, the practitioner places their hands on your shoulders and begins channeling the powerful healing energy from the angelic world.
The sensations that you will feel throughout a healing session will vary greatly from person to person. The range of sensations and feelings you might have include warmth, coolness, tingles, shivers, numbness, or even nothing at all.

The Impact

Angelic Reiki helps to enhance and balance all aspects of your life and in parts total transformation – change will always be felt somewhere. It helps shift mental, emotional, and spiritual stagnation and strengthens self-esteem.

One of the most well-known benefits is achieving a higher level of mental focus and clarity so you can see yourself, your life, and your path more clearly.

It improves your sleep, energizes you, and eases stress-related conditions.

Eases stress-related conditions

It gives you an even greater awareness of your connection to the Divine, raises your vibration so that you feel good and well, and heightens intuition.

It helps you to feel loved, supported, and guided – to see the magic and beauty not only in life but most importantly in yourself.

Angelic Reiki: A Journey of Healing

Angelic Reiki is a journey of healing, not just for the physical body, but also for the mind and spirit.
It is a holistic approach to health and wellness that brings balance and harmony to all aspects of one’s being.

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Whether you are seeking relief from physical discomfort, emotional distress, or spiritual disconnection, Angelic Reiki offers a path to wellness that is both profound and deeply transformative.

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