Hands-on Healing: 5 Ways It Transforms Body and Mind

Hands-on Healing

Hands-on healing, an ancient practice embraced across cultures, stands at the intersection of science and spirituality. This healing modality, rooted in the belief in a universal life force, facilitates wellness by manipulating the body’s energy fields. Through its rich historical and cultural lineage, energy-balancing healing has evolved to incorporate diverse practices, resonating with the holistic … Read more

The Alta Major Chakra Mysteries Unveiled

Alta Major Chakra

The Alta Major chakra, often referred to as the “Mouth of God” or “Mouth of the Goddess,” is a fascinating yet less-known energy center located at the base of the skull. This minor chakra plays a pivotal role in connecting us to higher levels of consciousness and spiritual awareness. Historically, the Alta Major chakra has … Read more

Hara Chakra – Your Core Energy Center

Hara Chakra

The Hara Chakra stands as a focal point of energy within the human body.Located approximately 2 inches below the belly button, the Hara is not just a physical spot but a gateway to deeper spiritual and energetic understanding. In various Japanese practices, including medical and martial arts traditions, and prominently in Reiki, the Hara Chakra … Read more