Money Reiki Symbols: Unleash Financial Freedom

Money Reiki Symbols is a unique and transformative approach to financial wellness that combines the ancient practice of Reiki with modern financial strategies*.
The Money Reiki Symbols are powerful tools for anyone seeking to improve their financial situation.

What is Money Reiki
what is money reiki?

What is Money Reiki?

Money Reiki is a form of energy healing that focuses on the concept of money. It’s not a “get-rich-quick” scheme, but rather a method of aligning oneself to earn money with integrity by following one’s highest path. It’s about removing energetic blocks that cause self-sabotage with money and transforming the energy of money on a personal and global level.

Money Reiki is not just about personal wealth. It acknowledges that collective negative thought forms and energies surrounding money also need to be cleared and healed. If you are excited about the idea of helping everyone become more prosperous, then this is for you!

Healing Reiki Money Blocks

Money Healing Reiki works to help you manifest your life purpose on this planet.
This course covers the issues that may come up for you as you make these shifts, and how to ride through the rough spots as your life gets adjusted to support your purpose.

It’s about creating a bubble of prosperity around you, even if the economy is bad.
This is not necessarily financial riches, but prosperity to help you be a leader or light worker during these times.

reiki symbol for money
reiki symbol for money

List of Money Reiki Symbols

Certain symbols are used to amplify the healing process.
The reiki symbol for money includes the Midas Star Reiki symbol, the Vel symbol, and the Lon symbol.
Each of these Reiki symbols for money carries a unique vibration that aids in attracting financial abundance.

The Vel Symbol

The Vel symbol is a powerful tool in Reiki.
It’s used to clear deep karmic issues, releasing any resistance towards attracting money and making one receptive towards abundance.
It’s often used in combination with positive affirmations to attract money.

The Lon Symbol

The Lon symbol is another important symbol in Money Reiki.
It’s used to enhance the energies of the energy circle and help in attracting money.
It’s a symbol that works like a money magnet, magnetizing anything you desire in life from abundance to anything else.

The Midas Star Symbol

The Midas Star symbol is a Reiki symbol that represents not just money but also prosperity, harmony, happiness, success in personal relations, and good luck.
The symbol helps us achieve whatever desire we have in life and spread its energy so we can live an abundant life.
The star sign signifies that with constant financial income, we can launch our power and help the community in becoming a better and happier place.

Money Reiki in Daily Life

Attracting abundance can be incorporated into daily life in various ways.
For instance, one can draw the dollar symbol in some corner of the currency notes and cheques and give Money Reiki to it, saying a prayer that whoever gets the money is blessed with abundance and happiness.
This practice is believed to enhance your cash flow and the amount you spend will come back to you in multifold.

Another way is to visualize what you desire inside a chi ball give it a manifestation symbol along with CKR and send it to the universe, praying to the universe to help you fulfill your wishes.

Money Reiki Symbols
Money Reiki Symbols

Money Reiki for a New Reality

Money Reiki Symbols is not just about the present, but also about creating a new reality.
This new Money Reiki system is meant as a supplement to the original Money Reiki system, or as a stand-alone system. It’s designed to help create a bubble of prosperity around you, even if the economy is bad.

Now you know, that Money Reiki is a powerful tool for anyone seeking financial abundance.
By aligning oneself with the energy of money and removing financial blockages, one can manifest their financial goals and live a life of abundance.
Whether you’re struggling with financial issues or simply want to improve your financial situation, Money Reiki offers a unique and effective approach.


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