Shamballa Reiki Symbols for Multidimensional Healing

Shamballa Reiki symbols are often used in Shamballa Multidimensional Healing (MDH), which presents a unique path to spiritual enlightenment and personal well-being.

This profound system, developed by spiritual teacher John Armitage, promises an intricate connection to a higher frequency of healing energy, direct from the Source.

Shamballa Reiki

Shamballa Reiki’s inception traces back to the spiritual insights of John Armitage, also known by his spiritual names:

  • Das
  • Hari Das Melchizedek
  • Hari Das Baba.

Armitage is believed to have channeled this intricate yet captivating system with the assistance of the Count of St. Germain, a renowned European alchemist known for his quest for the elixir of long life and higher spiritual practices.
Today, he’s considered an ascendant master of significant power.

what is Shamballa Reiki?
what is Shamballa Reiki?

Shamballa Reiki symbols are an extension of the traditional Usui Reiki, and its principal aim is spiritual development and personal healing.

Shamballa Reiki Symbols

Shamballa operates on high vibrational frequencies, allowing an accelerated transfer of energy at a higher intensity.
This energy enables individuals to connect with the fullest expression of their true being, resulting in fulfillment in all aspects of life, including health, finances, relationships, and careers.

One of the distinctive aspects of it is its association with a broad spectrum of symbols.
While the traditional Usui Reiki uses three primary symbols, Shamballa provides access to 352 symbols, each corresponding to a secret and sacred metaphysical level.

Shamballa Reiki Symbol Cho Ku Rei
Shamballa Reiki Symbol

Each of these symbols can only be fully understood and revealed by the master/practitioner through consistent practice and mindfulness. The symbols are not revealed to the student during the attunement process, owing to their power and the need for the student to be fully ready from a spiritual perspective.

The Energies of Shamballa Reiki

Shamballa infuses three forms of pure and loving energy into its practice:
Mahatma Energy, Christ Consciousness, and the Silver-Violet Flame of Saint Germain.
These energies, in conjunction with Shamballa Reiki meditations, bring profound levels of awareness and healing to an individual.

This energy activates the Soul Start or the 8th Chakra.
Regardless of your religious affiliation, it connects you to the consciousness of Christ, engulfing you with pure energy and love.

This energy is believed to be a manifestation of vibrational energy that belonged to St. Germain.
This high-vibration energy can burn energy fields of viruses and bacteria, breaking them up into smaller concepts, programs, or negative energy.

Levels of Shamballa Attunement

Shamballa is taught across various levels, each providing access to a broader range of symbols and building upon the previous level’s teachings.

  • Level I
    The first level provides basic information about Reiki, how Reiki works, and hand positions.
    It also introduces you to 22 secret and sacred symbols associated with the Atlantean energy print.
  • Level II
    This level introduces the symbols of Usui Reiki (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Sei He Ki, and Cho Ku Rei) and their uses.
  • Master Level or Level III
    The Master level grants access to 352 symbols, complete access to the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, and teaches you how to activate and cleanse the 12 chakras associated with each energetic layer of our body.
Multi dimensional Healing
Multi-dimensional Healing

Usui Reiki, a simple technique that necessitates the laying of hands to transfer energy, is at the heart of Shamballa.

Shamballa Reiki Training

Reiki is easy to learn and is a safe and natural method of self-improvement and healing.
It’s divided into four degrees: Reiki I, Reiki II, Master Practitioner, and Master Teacher.

Several courses can guide you through this journey, offered by esteemed institutions like Shamballa Reiki Training, Richer Life Journey, and Sherry Speaks.

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Long Story Short

Shamballa Reiki Symbols presents a distinct path to spiritual enlightenment and self-improvement.
It offers a unique system of healing energies that have the potential to heal yourself for the future, present, and past.

Practising Shamballa Reiki can help you gain a deeper understanding and clarity by eliminating mental concepts and residual blockages that hold you back.

If you’re interested in embarking on this spiritual journey, consider enrolling in a Shamballa Reiki course today.
Whether you’re looking to attain multidimensional healing, understand the Shamballa meaning, or delve into the multidimensional Reiki world, Shamballa Reiki symbols and teachings can guide you on your path.

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