Starting over at 50 (Cheatsheet to Happiness).

How to start over at 50 with nothing, after a divorce and broke.
Many people are starting over at 50 alone
As we get older, more people follow their dreams and set new goals in life.

Usually, you take your first education or job to please your parents or because they inspire you.
When you get older and wiser, you realize you only have to do what YOU want to do.
You also realize you are stronger than you think!

In this Cheatsheet to Happiness I will be talking about the mindset required for starting over at 50, being over 50 in 2024 is nothing like it was to be 50 in 1974 or 1994 for that matter.
You have options, possibilities, and enough years in your life to start over and enjoy it.

how to start over at 50 with nothing
How to start over at 50 with nothing.

1) How to start over at 50

You know nothing is guaranteed.
Major shifts have been happening in every industry over the last 20 years.
Having a good job in a big company is almost a sure way to lose everything these days.
I’m not saying that you won’t make it to retirement in the company you work in now. But odds are you will not.

The first tip: Aim to be Happy

You are not old, you are experienced!

Lost Yogi

When you were young, you probably didn’t know what you wanted to do in life.
You have ended up chasing your parent’s dream or following the girl/boy you liked to college.
But this time around you have the benefit of experience.

starting over at 50 broke
starting over at 50 bróke

2) If this sounds like you.

I encourage you to get to know what the terms ‘welfare’ and ‘safety net’ mean.
Because starting over at 50 might just get you on welfare.
but on the other hand, you might end up on welfare anyway if you don’t make some changes.

It is so common for people to give up on their dreams because they believe they are unable to change their circumstances in life. But you could:

  • Sell your house and move into an RV.
  • You could move across the country or even abroad.
  • Learn a new trade
  • You could tighten your belt!
how to start over in life
how to start over in life 

3) Ask for help.

In our youth, we are taught we need to know and have all the answers.
Today I hope we teach our children how to ask questions and where they can find answers.

This is the beauty of how to start over at 50 with nothing.
You do not have “nothing”, you have 50 years of experience.

That can’t be taught, or as George Bernard Shaw wrote in 1935:

Youth is the most precious thing in life; it is too bad it has to be wasted on young folks.”

In other words. If you want to succeed be sure to get the right counseling and coaching. Even more important for starting over at 50, is being coachable.

“listen to the critics, your friends won’t tell you the truth because they are afraid to hurt your feelings”.

Elon Musk

So if you have a dream and a desire to fulfill that dream. You can bet there will be somebody in your immediate neighborhood who’ll be happy to help you. They will be the ones who know what it’s like to work for no pay because you have a big dream.

cheatsheet to happiness
Cheatsheet to Happiness

4) Big dreams or just in need of change.

Give yourself time. I know it seems like a weird thing to say.
We are most likely past the halfway mark in life.
Maybe even more than 2/3 into our active work years.
But like any project manager, life coach or program will teach you, success is in the details/planning.

Finding out how can get you there the fastest is crucial when it comes to starting over.
Because we do not have the luxury of a gap year.

So let me repeat tip number 4: give yourself time.
Find inspiration in these Wolf quotes.

5) Starting over at 50 with nothing.

You need a deadline, you might even need more than one.
I recommend that you give yourself anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks, to figure out what you want your life to be like.

  • If you need to enroll in some kind of education, what is the deadline?
  • What if you need to quit your job, how long notice do you need to give?
  • If you need to give notice on a house or apartment, give yourself a deadline.
  • Being over 50 you are accountable. You stick to the deadlines no matter what.

This will not only get you going in the right direction but also build your confidence in your abilities.

6) Starting over at 50 after Divorce.

You are not alone. Even though it can sometimes feel like it, and lucky for you finding friends has never been easier. No matter what your interests might be, the internet has made it easy for anyone to find kindred spirits. is just one of many places where you can find activities near you.
It could be someone who arranges a theater evening or a guided motorcycle tour of South America.

Never to old to start something new
Never too old to start something new

In my hometown, a lady started a meetup for people who wanted to have a walk around town 3 times a week.
Since she needed the exercise and was bored walking alone.
Now a few hundred people are taking walks every week.
They are divided into smaller groups according to pace, and she even made the local news.

7) When will you run out of money/time?

You do not have unlimited time, so as soon as you can outsource some of your work do that.
There are a ton of places like Fiverr, and Upwork, where you can find people.
They do the work you are not that good at or don’t have the time for.

The best tip when starting over, be frugal, at least for a while.

starting over alone at 50 after Divorce
Starting over at 50 after divorce.

8) Love and happiness: How to start over at 50

You should not fear growing old alone, you should fear growing old with the wrong partner.
Love blossoms just as well in a retirement home as in the schoolyard and everywhere in between.
Tip number 8: Don’t worry about it.

Work on yourself, and the universe will take care of the rest.
Nobody wants a grumpy old man or a negative old woman with 20 cats!
Starting over at 50 might just be the best thing you will ever do for yourself.

Finding your soulmate late in life
Finding your soulmate late in life

How to start over at 50 is one thing, no matter if you are just divorced, broke, and have to start with nothing, ask yourself this “What have I always wanted to do, but never gotten around to?”
Start with that!

Lost Yogi