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Hara Chakra
The Hara Chakra stands as a focal point of energy within the human body.Located approximately 2 inches below the belly
Beltane ritual
The Beltane Ritual festival, rooted in ancient traditions, is a vibrant observance dedicated to fire, fertility, and renewal, rich in
Unalome Meaning
Unalome Meaning and Signification represents a symbol of the path to enlightenment in Buddhist and Hindu traditions, with its spiral
morning prayers
Starting the day with Powerful Morning prayers is like opening a window to a fresh morning breeze.It's not just about
Reiki Symbols and meaning
All Reiki Symbols and Meanings are becoming more and more sought after, as they are central to the practice of
25 Types of Reiki
Reiki, a holistic therapy that taps into the universal life force energy, has evolved into various types of reiki, each
Reiki Prayer
Reiki prayer before a session is a spiritual practice that combines the power of prayer with the healing energy of
best crystals for beginners
Here are the 11 best crystals for beginners, as well as an explanation of their meaning and use. So whether
Starting over at 50 with nothing and alone
How to start over at 50 with nothing, after a divorce and broke.Many people are starting over at 50 alone.
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